Our work

Our work across East Anglia

At Break we give vulnerable children, young people and families the time, support, and care they need to achieve their full potential. Whatever a child’s start in life, we believe that with the right support there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Through innovation, lifelong relationships, and keeping all those we work with at the heart of what we do, we are transforming futures and changing lives. By establishing trusting, positive, and caring relationships with our children, young people and families we can work with them to offer experiences and support beyond what’s expected of us. Whenever the help they need is missing, we are there for them.

Whether that’s through therapeutic services, respite breaks, providing a resilient home or support with parenting, we are committed to supporting them through whatever life has in store.

Children's homes

Providing a nurturing home for children and young people who cannot live in a family.

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Offering a family home to children who cannot live with their birth families.

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Residential short breaks

Offering short breaks to disabled children providing a break for families and a positive stay for children away from home.

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Lifelong relationships

Young people don’t stop needing someone to be there for them just because they’ve reached a certain age.

We don’t think our responsibility for them ends when they’re 18 or when they leave our service - we believe in lifelong relationships. We regard ourselves as their extended families and, like good parents, we continue to support them after they leave formal care.

From pairing them with a mentor to organising an apprenticeship, teaching them cooking skills to taking them to taster days to helping with university applications, we are committed to providing exciting and life-changing opportunities while walking alongside them every step of the way.

Therapeutic services

Offering individually tailored therapeutic support to children and young people to meet their unique and often complex needs.

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Staying connected

A pioneering, support service for care leavers moving into adulthood in all aspects of their lives.

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Volunteer Mentoring

One-to-one dedicated support for children and young people over substantial periods of time.

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Pathways to employment

Expanding the horizons of our young people and supporting them to achieve their potential.

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