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young people in care

An udderly legendairy trail of cows in Cambridge! From 28th June – 4th September, 90 cow sculptures all uniquely decorated by artists will appear in Cambridge’s streets, parks and open spaces.

Our Jurassic trail of 21 individually designed T.rex sculptures will be on the streets of Norwich from Monday 12th July until Saturday 11th September 2021.

Big Break Prize Draw!

It's your chance to win BIG with our Big Break Prize Draw with some incredible prizes, whilst also making a difference to the lives of care experienced young people across East Anglia.

Pathways to Employment

Break are focused on increasing the participation of our young people in all aspects of our work, raising aspirations and helping them find their spark and bridge the gap between themselves and potential employment.

Through projects like CoffeeBreak and Building Futures, we are giving young people the confidence, experience and skills to take the first steps into the world of work.

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Latest News

Meet some of the artists behind Break's GoGoDiscover 2021 trail

With thousands of people already coming up close to Break’s GoGoDiscover 21 T.rex, meet some of the artists who designed and decorated some of the colossal sculptures.

Cows About Cambridge celebrates science: Past, present and future

Given the city’s world-class reputation for scientific discovery and innovation, it’s no surprise that several sculptures on the Cows about Cambridge art trail pay homage to the sciences.

Moss Cow mooves the conversation on to environmental themes

A moss-covered sculpture on the Cows about Cambridge art trail is not just turning heads – it’s turning pollutants into fresh air.