pay gap

Gender pay gap data - 2019/20 reporting year.

As an employer with more than 250 employees Break is obliged to calculate and publish gender pay gap figures.

As an employer with over 250 employees, Break is pleased to calculate and publish our gender pay gap data. Our figures were calculated from the data held in our Cascade HR & Payroll system as of 5th April 2019 using an approved reporting tool. At Break, female employees’ hourly rate is: Mean 8.0% lower and Median 3.2% lower.

This compares to figures of mean 11.8% and median 3.6% in the previous reporting year. The year to year improvement is encouraging but is not a cause for any complacency and it is important that we both understand the reasons for the existing gap and how it can be further reduced. 

At Break the gap is not as a result of gender in-balance in senior roles - 73% of the senior leadership team are female and 73% of the top quartiles earners are female - both broadly in line with the overall gender balance in the organisation of 76% female and 24% male. 

At Break the gender pay gap mainly arises from a disproportionately low number of male employees in the bottom pay quartile – this quartile is predominantly occupied by staff from our retail division where the gender ratio is 86:14 female to male. This is not atypical of the charity retail sector.

The pay rates within our retail division are sector led and although Break’s pay rates compare very well in the local market they are lower than in our Care or support services. The upwards pressure of national Living Wage increases combined with Break's commitment to never paying minimum wage levels have resulted in a policy of consistently increasing pay for the lowest paid in our organisation faster than those on higher salaries.  

We aspire to balance the need to raise charitable funds to support provision of our services with the commitment we have to our staff to become a real living wage employer.

The only bonus payments made at Break are the modest commissions paid to our retail managers on sales excluding gift aid receipts. Approximately 19% of employees receive a bonus payment of whom the majority are female - the bonuses range from approx. £500 - £2000 per annum. Of the three males that received a bonus, 2 of them were responsible for more than one shop within our estate and received bonuses based on their combined income. This very much skewed bonus distribution creating a bonus gap of 53% Mean and 67% Median with the very small sample size essentially creating a distorted view of these figures.

Break is fully committed to reducing our gender pay gap further.