pay gap

Gender pay gap data - 2020/21 reporting year.


As an employer with more than 250 employees Break is obliged to calculate and publish gender pay gap figures. Our figures were calculated from the data held in our Cascade HR & Payroll system as of 5th April 2020 using an approved reporting tool.

At Break, the hourly rate for women is: Mean 8.6% lower Median 4.0% lower - this represent a slight but statistically insignificant increase from the figures reported in the previous reporting period.

Charts showing mean hourly pay and median hourly pay

At Break we are keen to both understand the reasons for our gender pay gap and identify ways in which it can be closed. Our gap is not as a result of gender in-balance in senior roles – females account for 69% employees in the top quartile of earning at Break and in this reporting period 75% of roles in the senior leadership team were occupied by female staff.

The pay gap at Break is due to the very high proportion (90%) of female staff in the bottom quartile of earnings at Break. This quartile is almost universally occupied by staff in our retail services a sector where market pay rates are lower than for roles in our care and business support services. While both the low proportion of males working in our retail shops and our pay rates are not atypical of the charity retail sector we hope to work towards closing the gap both in terms of gender representation and pay. The upwards pressure of National Living Wage increases combined with Breaks policy of striving to pay above NLW rates has prompted a recent practice of making higher percentage pay increases for lower paid retail staff than for more highly paid staff which will at least maintain the gap if not in time reduce it.

We continue to balance the need to raise charitable income from our retail services with an aspiration to become a Real Living Wage employer.

The only bonus payments at Break are the modest commissions paid to our retail managers on sales excluding gift aid receipts. Less than 20% of employees receive a bonus female staff account for 18% of the total. A very small number of male employees receive a bonus however two of these staff manage shops with the highest turnovers and the bonus they receive disproportionally skews our bonus pay gap. Average pay gap in this reporting period was 30.1% but when the median is calculated the gap is -3.3% with the male median bonus being £619.19 and female median bonus being £639.61. 

Charts showing mean bonus payments and median bonus payments

Break are committed to working pragmatically to reduce our gender pay gap.