Boy in a wheelchair and a woman with long hair next to him and looking at him. The both are smiling.

Disabilities Services

Supporting children and young people with disabilities

Our services for children with disabilities give young people access to opportunities and enable them to make progress that simply wouldn’t be possible without Break. The young people we work with are incredibly strong and resilient, and we want to support them in the best way we possibly can.


We offer residential short breaks for children and young people with disabilities who live in Norfolk. The young people have time away from their families in a safe environment while their parents and siblings enjoy a break from what can be a stressful situation. These breaks, even if only for a few days, make such a difference to young people and their families. We also have two full-time children’s homes for children with disabilities.

Our skilled and dedicated staff support young people to enjoy a range of activities, building their confidence and independence skills, and helping to form friendships.

Jake's story

Jake has a learning disability and is nonverbal. He is unable to sign and communicates using facial expressions and gestures. Jake’s parents were unable to visit him during the lockdown, which made maintaining family relationships really difficult.

We attempted video calls to his parents, not knowing if Jake would engage, but he amazed us all. He embraced the process, engaging and interacting, pulling faces and laughing, intrigued by the loving faces he saw on the screen.

Jake has bought a tablet, from his pocket money. He still needs support to use it but has greater choice and independence over maintaining the relationship with his loved ones.

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