Two women smiling and laughing looking at a little boy which is on their lap. The little boy is grinning.


Our expertise

At Break we take immense pride in how we lead and run the charity to ensure we provide the best possible care and real value for money for the tax payer.

gentle caring hands of a support worker holding the hands of a foster child

Quality of care

We always keep children, young people and families at the centre of everything we do. Throughout our services we provide care, safety and stability for looked after children.

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Added value

Break’s offer is lifelong and represents an exceptional commitment and investment. It also represents incredible added value for the tax payer.

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As Break has grown, developed and diversified, so has our team of experienced and skilled managers and Trustees in order to ensure the organisation maintains high standards of governance and leadership.

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Our ethos is aligned to Break’s vision to ensure children, young people and families reach their full potential and shape their own futures in a safe and creative environment. 

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At Break our work and approach is based upon relationships.  We aim to work in a therapeutic way, providing containment and nurture.  Our practice is child-focused and based on understanding all behaviour as ways of communication. 

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