Group of teens gathered, they are smiling, they have mugs and one of them has a phone that they are looking at.

Information for Commissioners and Social Workers

Break's Care Strategy

In April 2022, we launched a Care Strategy. Informed by our staff, management teams and importantly the young people we support, it builds on our current successes and focuses on four key areas: staying local, being ambitious, adding value and always delivering high quality services.

Where we work

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Latest news

Trustees’ Week: 6 – 10 November

This Trustee week, we asked some of our Trustees to tell us a little bit about what brought them to the Break family.

Three new children’s homes to open in Suffolk

We are delighted to announce that we will be opening three new homes in Suffolk, enabling us to expand our services and support more young people across the region.

You could foster if…. Busting myths on becoming a foster carer in Norfolk

Can you foster if: You’re single, married, divorced, from the LGBTQ+ community? You don't own your own home? You’ve don't have experience with children? You’re unemployed? You have a disability? You work? How old do you have to be to foster? Find out all of this and more with Break's Norfolk fostering service.