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A year of challenge, hope, inspiration, and achievement

2019-2020 has been a huge year for Break, seeing a lot of changes, challenges, and achievements.

From opening new charity shops to planning new art trails, new projects for our young people to a new CEO, the past 12 months have had lots in store for us.

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Understanding Therapeutic Services

At the core of Break's work is relationship building and having the communications of the child or the young person understood. Our Therapeutic Services provide one-to-one support for children, young people, their caregivers and families.

Staying Close, Staying Connected - The Evaluation Report

November 2020 brought the evaluation of Break’s Staying Close, Staying Connected project for young people leaving care.

What it's like to be a volunteer mentor

A volunteer mentor is a unique position, aiming to support, walk alongside, listen and help guide the mentee.