The gift that gives twice

The gift that gives twice

We know that some supporters want to know exactly what their cash donation pays for. So rather than donating money to Break, we now have the option for you to gift a present which will be delivered right to our door.

We've handpicked a range of items of all different sizes and prices for you to choose from. You'll have the comfort of knowing your gift will be used in one of our services. So not only does it give you a great feeling, it will be really valued by our team and young people too.

How gifting works

Making a gift to Break is really simple. We've got together with our friends at Amazon to create a 'wish list'. This is a bit like our very own Christmas list for Santa of the things we'd really like to use in our services with young people.

We also include items on the list that supporters could buy to help us offset some of our day to day costs too, so that that more of our funds can go directly to our providing vital support for young people. We regularly update our wish list with new items, so check back regularly.

To buy an item from our wish list, all you need to do is visit our Amazon Wish List, select an item from the list that you would like to purchase for Break and add it to your basket.

When you come to checkout just double check that the item is to be posted to: Marketing & Fundraising Team, Break, Schofield House, Spar Road, Norwich NR6 6BX and finish your purchase.  We will then receive your gift as soon as Amazon can ship it. 

Examples of gifts we might ask for and why!

Fishing gear

We have three young men who live in the same semi-supported accommodation.  We would like to relationship build with them and have found that fishing is a common interest. 

We want to give them a positive experience with each other and our team, especially one that can blossom in to a life-long hobby.

Fishing will enable them to have more confidence and continue to have positive experiences without staff needing to support the activity moving forwards – giving them a continued wellbeing activity.

One of our boys is also hoping to fish with his mentor which would be a great way to strengthen their relationship and to provide more sessions for the future. 

Laura, Transition Worker, Staying Connected Team

Mountain bikes

In our children’s home we have three young people, all aged 14. One in particular is a keen mountain cyclist and enjoys going on trails in Thetford forest.  Unfortunately the bikes we do own are old and certainly not suitable for off-road.

Something all three boys enjoy is riding bikes, whether that be going as a group or individually spending quality time with staff.  It is something all the boys really benefit from and need for their own mental wellbeing.  

We would really like to explore more bike trails further afield and enjoys days out with our young people, we were kindly donated a bike rack for our car, we just need some bikes we can rely on that are better suited for more serious mountain biking trails.

Jade, Senior Support Worker, Children’s Home

How fundraising can help us

Every penny you raise will go directly to helping vulnerable children, young people and families. Giving them the time, support, and care they need to achieve their full potential.

Whatever a child’s start in life, we believe that with the right support there is no limit to what they can achieve.  Through innovation, lifelong relationships, and keeping all those we work with at the heart of what we do, we are transforming futures and changing lives.