Community Support and Activity Breaks

Community Support and Activity Breaks

Break provides a range of services for children with disabilities giving valuable support for families across East Anglia. 


Activity Breaks

Break provide a range of supporting services to children and young people with a range of disabilities and special needs including physical, communication and behavioural difficulties.  Themed holidays for disabled children referred by Suffolk Children’s Services have been running for several years.  The breaks are for 2 nights usually during school holidays or weekends with a longer break in the summer holidays where young people experience a festival and outdoor activities.  The various themes throughout the year enable young people to experience activities with their peers, which they may not have accessed before.  This could include outdoor activity centres, sailing and boating, camping, sporting activities or indoor activities like cooking, making things, games and pamper sessions. 

Children and young people have enjoyable experiences away from their parents or carers, thereby contributing to their personal and social development and reducing social isolation.  Parents, carers and families in turn enjoy a necessary and valuable break from their caring responsibilities whilst their child is in safe hands, having fun, increasing their social opportunities and learning new skills.


Community Support

The skilled and experienced team developed a community based offer supporting children and young people with a range of disabilities and needs as described above.  Young people are referred by Norfolk Children’s Services where their parents/carers need a well-deserved break and the young person perhaps unable to access any other group or community activities due to the level of their specific need.  We tailor each support package according to the young person’s needs which will include a range of activities away from home, usually after school or over a weekend.  We also develop creative packages around young people where they have not been able to access a formal education setting.


Fusion is a Youth Group for young people with mild to moderate special educational needs in Norfolk aged between 10 – 25 running term-time on a Friday evening from 6pm – 9pm in Norwich.  This group provides young people with a range of opportunities away from their families where they improve personal, social and independence skills, having new and fun experiences whilst learning new skills.

All the specialist services we provide have one main focus, which is to enable young people to develop to their full potential.  Young people have been able to develop a positive sense of themselves; learn new skills, managing and regulating their behaviour better, enjoying a range of interests and activities and building some meaningful relationships.

We love this quote from a parent who talked about our youth group: “Fusion has given my daughter a happy, secure place outside of her schedule of home and school. She has limited friendships. Now in her teenage years, she is more self-aware and can feel isolated from her peers. However, having been readily accepted by the fusion young people, this has been a huge boost to her confidence and self-esteem. It is also educating her with her self-help, communication and social skills. She adores the club, and talks proudly about her time there”.


If you would like to talk to Break about referring a child or young person to this or one of our other services please contact us or make a referral to today.