Break launches new three-year care strategy

10 Aug 2022

With the fundamental aim of providing the best individualised care for children, young people and families who need us, our new and ambitious care strategy for 2022-25 aims to deliver the best possible outcomes for those we support.

Created alongside the young people Break support and the staff and staff management teams who provide their care,  the strategy is targeted around four main strategic themes:


  • Quality - providing a quality service and a shared understanding of what quality means.
  • Local - keeping children and young people close to their communities and families so they can build sustainable networks ready for when they leave care.
  • Ambitious - facilitating learning and opportunities giving young people in our care ambition for the future.
  • Added Value - to give young people the wraparound, bespoke support they need so they can live safe, secure and ambitious lives.

“Our internal and external research has allowed us to align our services to what the children and young people in our care need the most,” explains Director of Care Services Rachel Leslie.
“There are over 500 children in residential care across our region and we know that, along with the cost of delivering care, this number is rising. Our strategy over the next three years will be focusing on key commitments, linked closely to our four themes, to ensure young people in care get the quality support they need.”

The three-year plan includes working proactively with local authorities to help ease the pressure on fostering and care placements by increasing the number of fostering families ready to take a young person. We will be building upon our lifelong support offer by offering a 18-25 service for disabled care leavers and develop further on the successful Staying Close, Staying Connected service – ensuring a smooth transition for young care leavers. Additionally, we know that outcomes are poor for many children in care, and over the next three years we will be exploring, testing and delivering an education offer as well as offering our employees everything they need to enhance their career in care, including creating our own Break academy for our workforce.

You can read the full Care Strategy 2022-25 document here on our website. If you’re interested in working from us, please use the contact us form, and a relevant member of staff will be in touch.