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Break's 2022-25 care strategy

Providing the very best individualised care

In April 2022 we launched a new three-year care strategy. Its fundamental aim is to provide the best individualised care for children, young people and families who need us. 

It's founded on four principles: delivering high quality, keeping services local, being ambitious, and adding value.

“I want Break to give children and young people the building blocks to experience happiness and belonging so they can reach for the stars and follow their dreams.”

- Mei, Co-Production Apprentice


Providing quality services is at the heart of what we do.
We want to have a shared understanding of what we mean by quality at Break and to be constantly striving for better. This means knowing our own strengths and weaknesses and seeking to reflect and improve where we need to. We also recognise that most of our services must align to our regulators view of quality and for Ofsted this means good and outstanding services.


A key driver for our work is to keep children and young people close to their communities and families so they can build networks that are sustainable long after they have left Break’s care. We have made a strategic decision to build partnerships with the 9 Local Authorities in the region, starting with those closer to us for building new services, but offering spot purchase placements in our homes and services to those across the region.


We recognise that for many children in care they experience outcomes that are out of line with their contemporaries who are not in care and we are passionate about being ambitious for our children and young people. We want them to have the adulthoods and opportunities they deserve and being constantly ambitious for them is at the heart of what we do.

We also are proud to work in care. We want all staff to see themselves as having the opportunity for a career in care at Break. Not only does this have positive impacts on the individuals, it also means that we tackle retention and provide children and young people with skilled staff who are consistent in their lives.

Finally we are ambitious for Break as an organisation. We want to be innovative and test new ways of working, we want to provide the best possible services and grow into new areas and have a national influence.

Added Value

We are fortunate to be a charitable organisation who have the benefit of charitable income to supplement services that are funded by the local authority to give children, young people and families what they need to live safe, secure and ambitious lives. We have identified four areas that are missing from statutory funding that young people tell us enhances their lives. They are:

  • Therapeutic support - directly to those people we support and indirectly to those who care for them
  • A life-long offer - staying with the young adults that move on from our care for as long as they need us
  • Pathways to employment - support to take the steps to employment, building confidence, connections and experiences
  • Mentoring services - volunteers who provide a non-paid-for relationship without agenda for children and young people

Work with us

If you’re interested in working for us, please use the contact us form and a relevant member of staff will be in touch. Alternatively see our current vacancies here.