Support worker from the East Anglian children's home charity Break showing care and attention to a young child

Support foster carer

Would you like to make a difference but can't commit to full-time fostering? Perhaps the part-time Support foster carer role or short-term Parent and child foster care role could be for you.

We know our foster carers put their heart into caring for children and that it's important they have some time to themself too. That’s where our Support Foster Carers come in.  

You will play a key part in the foster family's life, carefully matched to provide short breaks for the child in their care, extending their support network. For example, this could mean that once a month, their child will stay with you for a weekend. Our foster families liken this to the role of an aunt or grandparent.

You’ll be given all the same training as our foster families, and you’ll go through the same application process. You’ll also have access to the same support network and everything you need so you can follow the same therapeutic parenting techniques.  

Although this is a part-time fostering role, to ensure consistency in care for the child, you will have the opportunity to attend key meetings and share your thoughts and experiences so we are all working together for the child.  

“Break is so grounded in trauma and the therapeutic approach that I have real confidence in my supervising social worker. They know this stuff and they can direct you to the right tools and help you explore any challenges the child is facing. It gives you confidence you can all move forward as a foster family in the right way.”

Dot, Break Foster carer

Curious about becoming a support foster carer?

Talk to one of our fostering team today:

Foster child sitting down with support worker from Norfolk non profit smiling while talking

“The matching process was done very carefully to make sure if was right for everyone, including my son. We all got to know each other gradually and our young person now stays with me one weekend a month and we do all sorts of fun things together!”