Break's Approach

At Break, fostering isn't just about providing a home, it’s about offering the warmth and security of a family that every child deserves. The empathy and understanding our foster carers and team provide help children heal and thrive.

Our approach to fostering recognises the challenges that each child in our care has faced. Many have had difficult beginnings marked by trauma, making it understandably hard for them.

That's why we work through a trauma-informed lens. Our approach centres around therapeutic parenting. It lies at the core of everything we do. All Break foster carers are given the support, training and resources they need so that together, we can make the difference children deserve.  

What exactly is therapeutic parenting, and why does it matter?

It's more than just a technique. It's a philosophy rooted in nurturing, empathy, and patience. It's about recognising each child's needs and responding to them with sensitivity and understanding. It helps them build trust and feel secure in their environment. 

Rather than managing behaviour, therapeutic parenting sees it as a form of communication.  

The approach is based on neuroscience. By being nurturing, empathetic, providing consistent boundaries and predictable routines, the brain can begin to form new neural pathways. In time this allows children to rebuild their trust in adults and themselves.

Support and training

We know that care isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach and that each child’s needs are different. Our social workers are responsible for a smaller number of families than many other agencies. This means we can give the individual support each foster family needs. And it means we can offer support for the whole foster family, including your own children.  

We offer:

  • Bespoke one-to-one sessions with our therapeutic parenting practitioner, which are not limited to a specific number of sessions.
  • Monthly supportive supervision with your social worker 
  • Regular support groups with other Break foster carers  
  • Regular meet-ups for your own children, offering a safe space to share experiences, meet new people, be creative and have fun.  
  • Access to Break's wrap-around services designed to help you and your foster family
  • And much more.

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