Give more than a present this year. Make a dream come true

Christmas is known as a time for love, giving and the magic of dreams coming true. But for young people who've grown up in care, they can miss out on this extra magic. Their dreams can be of things that some can take for granted.

That’s why this year we’ve launched our Christmas Dream Appeal and you could help us reach our target of £15,000 so we can make their dreams a reality!  

Just as you would want to give your own children a magical Christmas, we believe every young person, no matter what challenges they’ve faced, deserves the chance to have their dreams come true.  

And it’s not just about giving them something for Christmas. These gifts will make much more of an impact than you could possibly imagine all year.

£25 could help a young care leaver get those finishing touches that will make their first place feel like home.  

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£50 could give a young person who's had a difficult start the chance to go to the theatre for the first time.  

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£100 could give a child a day at a theme park with their foster family, to laugh and create the fun memories that every child should have.

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£200 could help pay for driving lessons, opening up opportunities for a young care leaver to progress in a career that makes a difference to their whole future and gain independence.

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Every donation you make, no matter how big or small, means that we can carry on providing the small things that make such a big difference.

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Follow your dreams, work hard, wishing all care leavers a happy life. X


Zing Insights Ltd are thrilled to support this amazing campaign and hope we're able to make some wishes come true for some of the fantastic young people in Break's care.


Hope this helps someone and makes them happy in some way.


Everyone should get the chance to live their best life. Thank you Break for helping to make this happen.


* Some of the details of the young people have been changed to protect their identity. All donations to the Christmas Dream Appeal go to Break’s Make a Dream fund which will be used to make the dreams requested from all Break children and young adults come true.