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As a current foster carer you have the right to transfer to another fostering agency for whatever reason you choose. If you’ve read through the information on our webpages and feel that Break’s fostering agency is a better fit for you and your family then we’d love to hear from you today.

How do I transfer?

We appreciate you might have a lot of questions about how it works and what will happen next, but we have experience in managing moves and would be happy to talk to you about any concerns you have.

For anyone transferring to a new fostering agency, checks and references need to be made to make sure that children and young people will be safe in your care. These checks and references will feel similar to those that were initially sought when you first became a foster carer. This process however does not take as long as the initial assessment. We also use it as an opportunity to understand you, and what experience and skills you have already.

If you are currently caring for a child the process is slightly longer as before we begin we will meet with you, your current agency, the placing authority and your foster child’s social worker and any other relevant individuals to discuss how to manage the move for the young person you are caring for, keeping their wellbeing at the forefront of any decisions.

Transfering FAQs

Why do people transfer fostering agencies?

This can be a whole host of reasons. It might be that you’re finding that you aren’t getting enough support from your current agency, that you’ve become more experienced and are more certain about what you want your fostering experience to look like or that you’re disappointed with the benefits that you’re receiving. You may feel that the lifelong offer of support to children fostered by Break would secure the best future for the child or children currently in your care.

Will my current fostering placement breakdown if I move?

If you are currently caring for a child the process to transfer carefully considers the wellbeing of the child in your care – that’s the most important thing.

Will I get paid the same amount?

We will discuss payment during the transfer process and where possible we will match the rate you are currently receiving. If you have any questions then please do get in touch, we'll be very happy to answer any questions you have.

What training do we receive from Break?

You’ll have the same experience as fostering families coming into our Break fostering family as new foster carers. Read more in our Fostering guide about what to expect?

What support do Break offer?

When you join Break as a foster carer you become part of the extended fostering team. You'll work with Break staff and other foster carers with similar experiences to increase your understanding of therapeutic parenting in order to create a safe environment in which the young person in your care can allow themselves to trust again. You can expect:

  • Monthly supervisions with your supervising social worker, with additional support from them when you need it
  • Where required, to be matched with a support carer to allow you and the child in your care time away from each other, where they’re still cared for in a loving, supportive environment that meets their needs
  • Joint supervisions alongside your support carer to ensure a joined up approach
  • A support group alongside fellow foster carers at Break
  • A ‘buddy’ system for new foster carers to help you settle into the team
  • Involvement in the Service Development Group sitting alongside Break’s senior leadership, and Break fostering staff
  • Access to a therapist
  • Activity days for children, carers and the fostering team
  • Ongoing training alongside a personal development plan, including access to the National Association of Therapeutic Parenting website
  • Membership of Dragon Rebellion for any birth children in fostering families so they are able to share their experience in a group lead by a supporting social worker and therapeutic practitioner
If I think I want to transfer, what should I do next?

Please contact us by either calling a member of the fostering team on 01603 971293, emailing or by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Ready to talk about transferring to Break?

Please leave your details below and one of the Break Fostering Team will be in touch to have a chat and answer any questions you have in the next couple of days.
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