Residential Short Breaks

Break specialises in providing short breaks for young people with disabilities and complex needs, offering regular planned stays.  We have a short breaks home that provides a safe, warm, stable and thoughtful environment for up to six young people between the ages of 5 and 18. 

Short breaks gives the children who stay time in a setting fit for their needs with trained staff who give them opportunities that they would not be able to experience elsewhere. In turn, it gives the families some respite for what can often be intense and stressful situations. The aim of the service is to enable families to recharge their batteries and spend time with other siblings in the knowledge their child is being looked after in a wonderful setting.  

Our team support young people to enjoy a range of activities, build their confidence, independence skills and form friendships.

The activities we provide are tailored to each young person. These can include roller-skating, swimming, soft play, going to the cinema and even visiting the circus. Many of these short breaks help to stimulate and develop new interests from having experienced many activities for the very first time.

"If our children show an interest in something we try our best to make that experience happen for them."

Over the course of a typical year Break provide over 1000 nights of short breaks. We see fantastic progress as young people demonstrate more patience, sharing, developing relationships and growing in confidence - each short break helps create long term benefits.

"We looked back at records and made a little memory book for her from her previous visits – she couldn’t believe how much she had grown."

Learning a fun new skill

Thomas has spent time in the kitchen baking on most of his visits, which he appears to really enjoy, and will always choose baking when staff ask him what he would like to do.
We asked Thomas “What do you enjoy doing the most at Nelson Lodge?” The answer was of course “Baking!” without hesitation.

"Children have made progress with communication, behaviour and the positive impact is not only on the child but the whole family – the benefits are wide reaching."

What happens on a Residential Short Break? We catch up with manager Peter Willson to learn more about the service we provide.

Work for us!

At Break we firmly believe that with the right care, there is no limit to what can be achieved. We are looking for fantastic applicants to join our team, take a look at the jobs below or view all our current vacancies here.

To access the Residential Short Breaks service, parents and carers will need to seek a referral from their local authority through a social worker.