Care Leavers Week 2023

National Care Leavers Week will taking place between 25 October to 1st November 2023 and celebrates care leavers across the UK.

This year everyone will be called upon to CARE: to Celebrate care leavers, Amplify their voices, Raise awareness of challenges and Encourage change in policy and practice.

Break's young people are currently creating content to help educate the public and support other young people. We'll be updating this page soon but in the meantime, scroll down to read their stories and listen to their podcast.

Our care leavers Finn and Jack will also be taking over the newsletter so make sure you've signed up so you don't miss it!

If you have a press enquiry for us about Care Leaver's Week and our work, please contact Nikki Neile, Press Officer, on 07552 864 214 or email

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Young People's Voices

A space for Break's care experienced young people to raise awareness and share lived experiences to help others in their community and professionals supporting them.

Listen to the Podcast

Welcome to the land of care leavers! We are a group of UK care-experienced young adults supported by the charity Break. We discuss the issues we think are important to show other care leavers they are not alone.


In November 2019 the CoffeeBreak project was born and since then has been working to provide opportunities for our young people to discover their spark and develop some of the key skills that any employer is looking for.

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We co-produce Break's Instagram account, headed by Team Leader *Fiyn, 21. You'll find true stories, useful tips and information for care leavers, behind the scenes of Break's activities and special guest appearances from care experienced people from the wider community.

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