Let’s Get BreakFIT!

29 Dec 2020

With the dawning of New Year, a new month, or a new day we all have a chance to do something different – take on a challenge, look at life differently. That’s what we are doing at Break – helping our young people look at life differently.

In their short lives they have suffered serious abuse and neglect, leaving them struggling with emotional and psychological trauma, feeling unsafe and alone. Break give these children and young people the time, support, and love they need to achieve their full potential. Through innovation, lifelong relationships, and keeping our young people at the heart of what we do, we are transforming futures and changing lives. You can help them today by taking on your BreakFIT Challenge.



Get involved in the ‘150 in 30 Challenge’ – walk 10,000 steps a day* and walk 150 miles in 30 days! Feel the benefits of regular exercise – improved mental well-being and increased heart rate – and feel stronger as you set off into the New Year. If walking's not your thing how about 150 press ups in the month, or 150 crunches? Maybe take to the road and cycle 5 miles a day. Need more of a challenge? Try your own challenge or sign up to one of our events and let’s get BreakFIT together!

Download our new fundraising pack or contact our Fundraising team today if you have any questions.


The difference you can make

Donations to Break are a huge part of making the work we do come alive. Every pound you fundraise allows us to enrich the services we provide children and young people and ensure lifelong support in the same way any parent would for their own children.

    • £30 – enables a disabled child to have an outing and experience activities for the first time, improving their quality of life.
    • £45 – helps contribute to therapeutic play session and counselling for a child who has suffered traumatic abuse before being taken into care.
    • £200 – could provide a mountain bike to give a vulnerable young person independence to help them gain fitness, grow and develop


Working together we can make amazing things happen.


* average steps based on a brisk walk

Download our fundraising pack today!