Corporate Partner: Osiris Technologies

29 Dec 2020

Phillip Roffe is Managing Director of Osiris Technologies, the company giving ICT support to Break for over 20 years. He shares with us why supporting our charity is important to him and why he chose to become a Corporate Partner.


"I moved from London to Norfolk 25 years ago and decided to start up in business on my own. My first client was the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and the second was Break very soon after I started. The aim was always to provide tailored in-house independent IT support. Now we are a team of 11 people all working alongside organisations across East Anglia and in to London. 

I particularly like working with charities – they provide some really unique challenges. From providing high level security systems, to how to provide a duty of care to young people and be aware (not stop) what young people are doing online; working with volunteers who have limited IT skills, to helping set up online fundraising quizzes to adapt to a new way of working. Most of all, asking the question “what can we do to help?” and finding cost effective, workable solutions for them."

Working with Break

"In 15-20 years as Break has grown, we have grown alongside the charity. We’ve developed a ‘working relationship’ – working as a part of the organisation; involved in projects, being a sounding board for ideas. This makes the relationship a real success, and then when it is successful, we share in the success. 

We have taken part in the trails (Osiris sponsored a GoGoGorilla), firewalks and I have even done the London Marathon for Break. I wouldn’t have gotten involved it if weren’t for the partnership we have developed and it’s been a real pleasure to support them. 

In fact myself and one of the team are taking it a step further and we have signed up to be volunteer mentors to be paired with a young person. I’m excited to start, but nervous too – I hope I can support and inspire someone."

Why do you continue to feel such an affinity with Break?

"I once heard someone talking about Break and they said “They [Break] don’t show off”.  It sums it up for me – you always feel the bottom line – the focus is always on the young people. Every penny goes to young people support, and that’s hugely admirable."

You’re a Corporate Partner, donating a regular monthly amount.  Why do you continue to do this?

"We live in a lovely community with beautiful areas, I have a really nice drive to work through pretty villages. Underlying all this there is an awful level of poverty and people who are struggling. We are obliged to help those people – to get out of the trap, the abuse, to help them. Break does it for us. I have no problem supporting Break – it’s a no-brainer. I’m doing my bit to invest in the community I live in by paying an amount to Break every month. I feel huge kudos being a Corporate Patron – I am very proud to do it." 

Why should any organisation get involved with Break?

"Absolutely do it. I didn’t hesitate, not just as a client, but I would have got involved anyway. They do an amazing job."

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