BreakFIT 2023

Walk 10,018 steps a day during January 2023. Join now

The extra 18 steps are because we are stepping up for young people who often have to leave residential care at just 18 years old.

Receive a FREE Break T-shirt and fundraising pack. Raise over £118 for a medal.


Don't have time for 10,018 steps?

Take the smaller 1,018 step challenge. It only takes around 20 minutes so it's perfect to fit into your lunch break. Grab your colleagues, take a BREAK from your desk, get fitter and change young lives.


How to get involved:

Step 1: Join the 'BreakFIT 2023' Facebook group. This lovely community will be supporting each other with the challenge.

Step 2: Set up your Facebook Fundraising page.

Step 3: From the 1st-31st of January, walk 10,018 steps a day.

Step 4: Keep sharing your fundraising page with friends and family, with updates, photos and video clips of your walks to encourage their support.




Wherever you are!


Do I have to walk?

You can complete your steps in the way that suits you. Using a wheelchair? Complete the equivalent distance or change it to an exercise that feels comfortable for you. Doing Couch to 5k? Include the run in your steps.

How do I get my free T-shirt?

After you have set up your Facebook fundraising page you will receive a link from Break to claim your T-shirt and fundraising pack. Please allow up to two days for them to send you the link. If you haven't received it email

Help - Not many people have sponsored me.
  • Share your Facebook fundraising page as often as possible.
  • Print the sponsorship form (available in the Facebook group) and pass it around the office or family events.
  • Pop an email to your colleagues with your facebook fundraising page link or ask if your workplace can share it on their social media.
  • Send the link via Whatsapp to friends and family and tell them about your challenge.
  • Ask your workplace if they offer 'Match funding', where they donate the same amount you raise.
  • Pop our fundraising team an email
Can people 16 years old or young take part?

Yes, however we will need a parent or guardian to email us permission for them to join, and confirm that they take full responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Email

*By taking part in BreakFIT you are confirming you are in adequate health and have consulted your doctor where needed. You take full responsibility for your health and safety and won't cause risk to yourself or others.