Become a support foster carer

As well as recruiting full time foster carers, we also have the opportunity to become a ‘support foster carer’.

Support foster carers play a key part in Break’s fostering family. You’ll be matched with a foster family and will provide short breaks for the child in their care. This might mean that for one weekend a month, the young person will come and stay with you and your family.

As a support foster carer you are very much a part of our fostering family. You’ll have the same training available to you, the same opportunity to attend support groups and the same expectation to follow our therapeutic parenting techniques.

To make sure all care is consistent you’ll be asked to attend supervision meetings with your supervising social worker and the child’s full time fostering family to make sure that we are all working together for the young person we are supporting.

Think becoming a support foster carer might be the right path for you? Talk to one of our fostering team today:

Foster child sitting down with support worker from Norfolk non profit smiling while talking

Support foster carer FAQs

Do I go through the same process as a full-time foster carer?

Yes, all support foster carers will still need to be recruited in the same way as full-time foster carers. You can read more about the process in our guide to fostering.

Am I paid as a support foster carer?

Yes, just like full-time foster carers you are remunerated for your role and this will be paid sessionally. If you’d like to know more details about this, then please contact a member of our team.

Interested in a chat about becoming a support foster carer?

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