Rhino sculpture

About the trail 

What is GoGoSafari?

GoGoSafari is the next art sculpture trail coming to Norwich and Norfolk in 2025 and will see Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes and Gorillas stampede their way into the county. It is delivered by regional charity Break, in partnership with Wild in Art and Zoological Society of East Anglia and is the seventh trail the charity has delivered and follows on from the charity’s other successful trails: 

  • GoGoGorillas in 2013 
  • GoGoDragons in 2015 
  • GoGoHares in 2018 
  • GoGoDiscover in 2021/22 
  • As well as Cows about Cambridge in 2021, and Cambridge Standing Tall in 2024.  

Around 50 of our Big 5 and 100  Mini Gs, a smaller version of the giraffe sculpture, will form a trail around the city centre and beyond in summer 2025.  

The Big 5 will be decorated by an artist and sponsored by a local business and the smaller Mini Gs form the Learning & Community Programme trail, where schools and community groups will be getting creative to decorate their own sculpture. 

When is the trail live?

The trail will be live in Summer 2025. To be the first to hear about the launch date, sign up to our newsletter here, to get all the news straight to your inbox.  

Why is the trail not in 2024?

Trails of this size require a lot planning, funding and logistical organisation that command a long lead in time. As we are a regional charity we also deliver sculpture trails in other areas such as Cambridge, and we are also mindful of other large events that may be taking place across the region. 

Do I have to pay?

While there’s no entry fee to join the safari, we do suggest, if you’re able, you donate £1 or more to Break when you pick up your trail map, or scan a QR code which will be situated on each of the sculptures when in situ. 

How do you choose the locations?

There’s a variety of reasons why a location is chosen. We think about how well people will be able to access the site, whether it’s well-lit and safe, how your photos will look as well as finding areas of the city and county you might not ordinarily visit.  

We’re likely to use some of the same sites as previous trails but if you’ve got a really great idea then please let us know by emailing fundraising@break-charity.org or using the contact form on our website. 

How can I plan my route around the trail?

Once the trail is live next year you’ll be able to pick up a trail map, download the map from this website or use the GoGoSafari app, which will be available from the Apple store or Google Play Store. 

What are you doing to make the trail environmentally friendly?

Being ambitious to achieve carbon targets is a topic of huge importance to Break, the people we support and the community of individuals and business who will take part in this sculpture trail.  

We’ll be doing all we can to make this trail as environmentally friendly as possible: 

  • We will be conscious about the materials we are printing and use a regional printer who are carbon balanced 
  • We are re-using plinths from previous trails 
  • We will consider what materials we can reuse and recycle from our previous sculpture trails 
  • We expect, and will encourage designs to be submitted that address the environment to further raise this important topic  during the trail 
  • We’ll be encouraging trailgoers to use their pedals, feet or public transport to get them to and around the trail next year 
  • Please see other ways Wild in Art are mitigating their environmental impact Mitigating our environmental impact | Wild in Art 
How is the trail funded?

The trail is only made possible by a fantastic community of businesses, schools and community groups. We’re on the lookout for over 50 sponsors to bring the Big 5 to Norwich and Norfolk and 100 schools or community groups to purchase a Learning & Community Programme package, to decorate and eventually keep the Mini Gs after they’ve wowed visitors and residents on the trail in summer 2025.  

Not only will this roarsome tribe make the trail a reality, they’ll also support the work of Break as we continue our lifelong offer to young people from care, so they know that they’ve got their own tribe who will always be walking alongside them.  

If you know of an organisation who might be interested in getting involved then, encourage them to visit this website to read more and get in touch. 

Will the trail be wheelchair friendly?

With services supporting young people with disabilities, we know just how important it is for  everyone to be able to access and enjoy the trail. We try to make the locations as accessible as possible and are always happy to answer any questions from eager trail-goers who are worried about how best to access a specific site via our social media channels. 

Will there be any merchandise available?

We’re in early talks to see what we can make happen – so watch this space. As ever, any suggestions we’re happy to hear via the contact us page or send us an email to fundraising@break-charity.org 

How to get involved 

How do I contact the trail team?

You can contact the fundraising team on our social media channels or by emailing fundraising@break-charity.org. 

How do I sponsor a GoGoSafari sculpture?

From February, we’re on the lookout for a herd of 50 businesses to help make this trail a reality. Our early bird discount ends on the 1 July 2024. You can find out more about what’s involved by downloading a copy of our sponsors pack, and read what previous organisations have said about their involvement.  

How can my school or community group be involved in GoGoSafari?

Around 100 Mini Gs will be decorated by local schools and community groups before forming their very own trail in summer 2025. Download the Learning & Community Programme pack to find out more, and enquire about getting involved. 

Can I volunteer with GoGoSafari?

Yes! We’ll be opening up recruitment for our volunteer Trail Rangers later this year. Expect plenty of fun while you look after our Big 5 next year with a range of roles available – from sculpture washing to stewarding at events and more!  

Are there any events I can get involved in?

There will be plenty of events to take part in next summer, but for now if you’re interested in what events we run as a charity, check out these pages. 


The sculptures 

How many sculptures will there be?

There will be around 50 of our Big 5 and 100 Mini Gs.  

Why are there big sculptures and little sculptures?

Our Big 5 have been sponsored by local businesses and decorated by artists, the Mini Gs form part of the Learning & Community Programme. These mini sculptures have been decorated by local schools and community groups. 

What are the sculptures made of?

Wild in Art sculptures are designed as a canvas for art and are made of lightweight, fire-resistant fibreglass 

Who decorates the sculptures?

All of our Big 5 will be decorated by artists. Expect everything from beautiful landscapes to graffiti, mosaic to pop art and everything in between. 

We’ll be issuing a call out to anyone who would like to have a design considered to feature on one of the 50 sculptures later in Summer 2024. If you would like to register your interest, you can do so here.  

The Mini Gs will be decorated by a school or community group. 

About Break 

What is GoGoSafari raising money for?

Break is a charity working across East Anglia to pave the way for a brighter future for children and young people who have experienced the care system.  

We have a unique promise to all the children and young people in our care: a lifelong offer of support. This means we will walk alongside young people for however long they need us, being their tribe until they are ready for independence. And our support means we’re not just here to find a way through the bad days, but here to celebrate the good ones too.  

Experiencing care can be lonely. People come and go, and it’s not unusual to experience multiple houses which rarely become homes. It often feels out of control. Break’s aim is to pull young people in close, allowing them to feel like they’re part of something special: a family that means you’re never alone. 

Click here to see what money raised from our previous trail in Norwich, GoGoDiscover, helped to fund.

How can I make a donation to Break?

Visit our donation pages here to make a donation towards our work.  

How can I fundraise to support Break?

We’ve got lots of ideas to keep the fun in fundraising during the trail next year. For now, take a look at some of the events in the diary for 2024 here.