I know my aunt would have been delighted with what’s been achieved by Break through what she left in her Will.

Sheila, family member

Leave a legacy

Break changes young lives by supporting young people in care and as they move on from a childhood in care. We also provide specialist support for children with disabilities, families in need of support and children at risk.

The children, young people and families we support are not remote or theoretical, they are part of your community. They have the same dreams and aspirations that we all have. With your support – and ours – they can find safety, understanding, acceptance and happiness.

Leaving a gift in your will ensures that Break can protect and develop our services for the next generation. Please remember Break in your will and help to change young lives.

To find out more about making a will and leaving a legacy, please contact Jeni Lawes - jeni.lawes@break-charity.org, tel: 01603 670109.


inheritance tax rate if you leave a legacy 

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