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Wymondham High Academy raise £1,132 in Memory of Ellie Long

The academy raised funds by holding a non-uniform day.

Twelve months ago one of Wymondham High Academy students, Ellie Long, lost her battle against mental illness. It was a day no school community ever wishes to face. But they did, and the academy have tried to celebrate Ellie's memory and have been working with Ellie's family on a suitable memorial. The memorial is a GoGoHare Leveret sculpture that has been placed in the Academy's library.


The leveret shows a love of science and discovery, which was something Ellie was always passionate about.

On Tuesday 18th December, the Academy wanted to raise money for Break the charity behind the GoGoHares art trail and held a non-uniform day which raised an incredible £1,132.00 for Break.

At Break we work with and support a wide range of young people and families to find a way through difficult times. We would like to say thank you to all of the students at Wymondham High Academy for their brilliant achievement - you're just amazing!


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