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Meet Break's Project Implementation Manager - Rachel Leslie

Rachel supports young people as they leave residential care

On Tuesday 13th November, Break's Project Implementaton Manager, Rachel Leslie tells her story and shares her views on the challenges young people face as they leave residential care at just 18.

"I wonder what it is like not knowing where you will live when you turn 18; not knowing what is in front of you, your future and where you are going, whether the people who stand next to you and make you feel safe will disappear from your lives because you’ve got to move on. When I left home at a similar age it felt so different; it was so supported and safe. Tonight I will be tucking into home-cooked food with my Mum and Dad, sleeping in my old room that I left when I was 18; that’s 24 years ago."

Head over and take a look at the full article with the Social Care Institute for Excellence now.

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young care leavers supported by our Moving on Team

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