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IFA's Duck Surprise at Brundall Primary

Local Independent Financial Advisers, Eastern Financial Consultants had a quacking surprise for pupils at Brundall Primary School this week. Attending a special assembly were Chartered Financial Planner Christopher Yates and local artist Sally Adams.

The assembly had the children singing and performing on stage a wonderful duck song before being introduced to Chris and Sally. Chris showed the children the Eastern Financial Consultants duck that had been entered into Break's Grand Norwich duck race this year and explained that he had seven more ducks that were bought at the duck auction that needed a home and asked if the children would like them. Five ducks remained as they were from auction, however there were two that needed a makeover.

Artist Sally Adams, who has worked on local projects such as GoGoHares (Mr Harebean & Foxy’s Tale) and the Break's Grand Norwich Duck Race is also known fondly as ‘The Duckorator’.

Eastern -Financial -Consultants -at -Brundall -Primary -School

Sally very kindly offered to ‘duckorate’ the two tired looking ducks especially for the school. Tin Duck and Daffy Duck were unveiled to gasps of delight! Sally said: “Chris Yates of Eastern Financial Consultants asked me to transform two ducks he bought at the Grand Norwich Duck Race Auction as he wanted to give them to Brundall Primary School for a project for next year. One duck from the race had a beer can stuck quite firmly on it’s head! Going with that, I figured it had to become The Tin Duck who had gone to the Wizard of Dux to get a new heart. Chris handed me the next duck suggesting I ‘put some flowers on it!’ so I painted it as one giant Ducky Daffodil!”.

Taking inspiration from the GoGoHares Trail in Norwich in the summer, Brundall Primary School will be completing an art project next year which will see them using the ducks as part of an art trail. Headteacher Rick Stuart-Sheppard said “We are delighted to be taking part in this fantastic project and supporting Break. The children are very excited about decorating the ducks and having a duck trail in school. Thank You”

Sarah Bunn, Senior Fundraising Officer at Break said “It’s amazing to see that Brundall Primary school feel so inspired by not only the decorated ducks of Break’s annual ‘Grand Norwich Duck Race’ but also the GoGoHares art trail. I think a duck themed art trail is a marvellous idea for the school, I am certain everyone will have a quackin’ time taking part. Sally’s creations are absolutely brilliant – her innovative ideas are sure to inspire the next generation of budding artists”.


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