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Celebrating #VolunteersWeek 2019

Join us this #VolunteersWeek and share your experiences.

Break is taking part in Volunteers Week (June 1 – 7) to thank and celebrate our brilliant volunteers and the positive impact they have on our charity.

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Part of this year’s national campaign is about sharing thank-you letters from people who have benefitted from the work of volunteers. Alongside that, charities are asking their patrons, such as yourself, to write a short letter expressing your own thanks and recognition for the work you’ve seen by volunteers who give their time for our cause. If you’re happy to help in this way, we’d like to use your letter on our website and in social media. 

It doesn’t need to be long. Just a few sentences would be a huge boost for our volunteers and supporters.

We’ve included some information below you could use. Or please get in touch if you would like more.

Creating your letter:

Your letter could be typed or handwritten.

The most important message we would like to you to convey is that you appreciate the efforts our volunteers make and you understand how their efforts are changing young lives for the better.

Here are a couple of facts about volunteers for Break:
* Between 1st April – 31st March 2018, our volunteers gave over 150,000 hours!
* Our team of over 900 volunteers help run our 49 shops across East Anglia and the West Country.

Our volunteers support our charity shops, fundraising events and so much more! If you are a keen photographer why not volunteer to snap some photos at our next event?

Get in touch!
Email events@break-charity.org to get involved or pop in store for a retail volunteer application form. Whatever your area of skills or expertise we firmly believe that Break has something for everyone, and everyone has something for Break.

Sharing your letter with our volunteers: 

Ideally, we’d love for you to share your letter with us in advance, so we can include it on our website for the campaign launch on June 1, 2019.

If possible, we’d love for you to take a photo of your letter and share this via your own social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on June 1, 2019, too. We are using the hashtags #ChangingYoungLives and #VolunteersWeek.

Download and print our ‘I volunteer because’ poster and upload your pics of you holding up your poster! Upload them, tag and share them with our social media pages or send them directly to tracey.mcmanus@break-charity.org to share on your behalf.


We completely appreciate you are very busy. But volunteers are vital for our work, so we hope you are able to help us with this worthy campaign.

Finally a BIG thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters! You make such a valuable difference.

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young care leavers supported by our Moving on Team

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