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GoGoDragons! Last Chance to See

GoGoDragons! Last Chance to See 27 - 30 September The Forum

GoGoDragonsThe last 'hurrah' for the GoGoDragons! is at The Forum from 27 -30 September before being auctioned on Thursday 1 October by TW Gaze auctioneers at The Forum.  Your chance to see all the Dragons for one last time and to purchase a memento to remind you of a wonderful summer of Dragons in Norwich.

These fiery beasts have deighted and enthralled people from as far away as Australia and New Zealand as well as many families from much closer to home.  Many snaps have been taken and uploaded onto GoGoDragons! instagram, we also have videos on YouTube and lots of chatter on twitter and facebook.

Check out the gogodragons.co.uk website for all the latest news, where to buy Dragon merchandise, and pre-bid for your favourite dragon.

YOU COULD WIN YOUR VERY OWN GOGODRAGON! Tickets are just £2 and you can enter as many times as you like.

Click here for more information and how to buy your tickets online.


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