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Fundraisers score a perfect 10 for charity

Read all about the 2016 Hunny Bell Cross Country at Stody

Read all about the amazing 2016 Hunny Bell Cross Country in this article published in the North Norfolk News.


Thanks to everyone for their support - here is what the team from Butcher Andrews, Break's solicitors thought.

Butcher Andrews Team - Stody Cross Country Five Mile Run

Julia, Cindy and Lisa from Butcher Andrews signed up for the Break Cross Country 5 mile run and also formed a Butcher Andrews race team. 

The fearless three braved the cold Sunday morning on 28 February to complete the 5 mile run, along with 500 other runners.  It was felt by most runners that the race on the Stody estate near Holt was a tough course with tricky terrain.  But the fearless three pounded their way around the course and did exceptionally well.  As well as the personal feat of finishing the race, the Butchers Andrew team also raised money for Break Charity.  Break is a charity close to heart of the Butcher Andrews Team.  The charity helps change young lives for young people in care and moving on, as well as children with disabilities and families in need of support.  Now to start the next challenge for charity…… Watch this space!

Butcher Andrews Team

Congratulations! Julia, Cindy and Lisa

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