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First GoGoHares hop in

The first few hare sculptures have arrived in Norwich.

The GoGoHares sculptures have hopped into the City ready for the 2018 art trail which is being brought to Norfolk by Break and Wild in Art.

There will be 50 City standing hares to celebrate Break's 50th Anniversary and 15 moongazing County hares dotted around Norfolk.

EDP - Denise Bradley

Photo Archant/EDP - Denise Bradley

These brand new sculptures have been designed by Chris Wilkinson from Wild in Art and will be joined by a smaller hare for the GoGoCreate educational and learning programme.

When asked about the creation of the hares, Chris said, "It was important for me to capture the essence of the hare whilst considering it as a 3D blank canvas for artists to be able to use to create unique designs.  Another important consideration is to be able to size it up to become a street sculpture that will be robust enough to cope with city living for a summer long duration".

The sponsor's event this evening will introduce the supporting partners for GoGoHares - intu Chapelfield, Aspiration Europe and The Norse Group.  Most of the City sculptures have been allocated but there is an opportunity to sponsor a County hare.  If you are interested please contact the GoGoHares team via the website www.gogohares.co.uk.

For all the latest 'hare' raising news follow gogohares on Facebook and @gogohares2018 on tiwtter.

Read more about GoGoHares published in the EDP today

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