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Duck Race Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the "little" Duck Race. If you don't hear from us in the next couple of weeks, please phone the Fundraising Office on 01603 670100.

Mrs K Burwin
Mr Neil Leske
Kate Drakley
Tessa Stovell 
Lauren Payne 
Mr Cooper, 
Paula McGeachie
Rob Whitwood, 
Mrs Crimes
Mr Gresham
Mr Sides
Sarah Gill
Janet Carter
Mik Richardson
Emily Glasspoole,
William Holland, 
Mr Thomas, 
Liz Walsh, 
Stefanie Johnson, 
James Carney, 
Mr D Moore, 
Miss F Blurton, 
Caroline Youngman, 
Mr John Hunter, 
Beth Wade -
Mrs Sayer,
Tilly Gresham 
Jennifer Gilvey
Jeff @ Mischief
Miss Hodson,
Tanya Cheung, 
Bush c/o Wilks
Mags Matthews 
Mrs Willgress, 
Mrs Wilson, 
Kirsty Leesmith,
North Street.

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