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New Fashion Label for Break

Break launches new Fashion Label at Norwich Fashion Week

Break launches new fashion label at Norwich Fashion Week

CYL Logo 1

A chance conversation during GoGoDragons! with Fiona Muller resulted in the opportunity for Break to create a new fashion label for Norwich Fashion Week and the rest as they say is history!

On Tuesday 15 March, the collection made it to the catwalk as part of Norwich Fashion Week in the Designer Show.

Staff and volunteers met before Christmas at Break’s Norwich office taking over the training room with bags and bags of clothes, materials, ribbons, bows, wool, jewellery, footwear, tents, hoola hoops – you name it and the rummage began.  Fiona outlined the project which was a circus theme with eight outfits to be made.

Fashion Mix

Fi Etc

We met again in January and the ideas that were coming together were amazing.  But what were we going to call our collection?  Area Retail Manager, Lorraine Mills came up with CYL – changing young lives and Jen Glas, Retail Administrator made the logo from the Break branding designed by Osbornenash and had the labels made for the outfits.

Every couple of weeks through January and February the group met with their work and the finished outfits started to appear. 

Lesley Leigh, Retail Business Manager took a bag of zips in blue, pink, black and white and created the zip skirt, which she teamed up with a blue jacket with pink buttons and a leather cap, worn by the Manager of Break’s Queen’s Road, Norwich shop, Sarah Parnell. 

Hilary Codd, Assistant Manager at Break’s Thetford shop made her outfit taking a gold sequin top from a dress and attaching it to a skirt made from layers of black net and silk with gold chains and gold sprayed animals, a trapeze artist with a hoola hoop in the back hem making a bustle, worn by Madara Laska.

Sue Mullan, Assistant Manager at Break Queen’s Road shop took a standard lamp shade and with a job lot of men’s ties donated to the shop.  She turned it into a stunning outfit, with braces, worn with a onesie with complementary fur round the ankles and in the head dress, worn by Liz Richards, Senior Communications & Marketing Officer.  Sue also created an outfit from a dress adding blue and pink netting and re-configuring a jacket with braiding, worn by Tabitha.

Here We Go Again

Sally Adams, who created Dragtabulous Delores for the Holiday Inn, Norwich North for GoGoDragons! designed two outfits on a Cosack theme.  She took a skirt which she attached to a T shirt and grafted two pairs of boots together with the upper part studded with ‘jewels’ topping the outfit off was a hat with material she also used in her second outfit, a long red coat, collar and cuffs.  She embroidered a horse on the back and finished the outfit with a frilly white shirt, leggings and leg warmers and a hat made our of white faux fur with a medallion.  These outfits were modelled together by Sally and Jack, Communications and Marketing Officer.

The Show 5

Michelle Garman, Manager of Break’s North Walsham Rd shop took a bridal gown, left the train and stitched it to wide pants in black with white spots, added black roses and topped it off with a black hat.  Thanks Judith for modelling this for us.

Finally, Jen Glas, Retail Administrator created the outfit featured in the EDP.  She took a corset and made a pair of sequined shorts with a voile train, and a feather fascinator with white wedge boots and wore it with real sass.


This has been an amazing journey culminating in showcasing our outfits at Norwich Fashion Week, Designer Show.  We are really keen to keep the label going and hopefully have a new collection for next year! 

We have just been asked to make some Break teepees – is there nothing we can not turn our hands to?

Photos available on Break FB https://www.facebook.com/BreakCharity/

Watch this space and follow for updates on FB, twitter and www.break-charity.org.



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