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‘Children’s Achievers Awards’ 2018

What an incredible evening enjoyed by our young people!

At Break we recognise the positive difference made by the children and young people receiving our support. We devised our own annual awards scheme to celebrate the achievements our young people, not only in their own lives but to the lives of those around them.

On Friday 27th July 2018, Break celebrated the second annual ‘Children’s Achievers Awards’ event at the Forum in Norwich. To add to the celebrations, Pizza Express kindly provided stacks of pizza’s and fizzy pop to mark the occasion.

Each child received an award that highlighted a unique achievement personal to them. Awards ranged from success in GCSEs and getting into college and, completing an 11 mile charity walk, and being nominated for Young Builder of the year!

We were delighted that Jarone, one of Break’s former care leavers attended as our guest speaker. Jarone presented certificates and prizes kindly provided by Jim Hyland of the Hyland Trust, set up by Jim in memory of his late wife.

Jarone, now in his 30s, still remains in touch with Break and shared his experiences of being a looked after child, encouraging and inspiring more young people to not let their past experiences or background get in the way of what they want to do in life.

Here is a full list of the achievements and awards issued to our young people:

Developing fantastic skills on a scooter and being the Parkour King! For returning back to school successfully

For developing your skills and confidence in being independent

For working with the maintenance team, dedication to the football team, and working hard at managing difficult emotions

For your fantastic photography - including being asked to photograph the year 11 prom.

For cycling and being active

For you dedication to working at the Break charity shops and using the opportunities to learn lots of skills. Learning to manage really difficult emotions

For completing your GCSEs, working hard by taking additional study sessions and getting into college

For working hard towards your education and completing an 11 mile charity walk

For building positive relationships and playing football for NCFC

For succeeding in education

For completing your Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award

For completing year 11 and sitting your GCSE exams 

Starting and maintaining your work experience with Osiris

Excellent attendance and achievement at Army Cadets

Achieving Merit in your Access to music course

You completed 100% of your exams

Nominated for Young Builder of the Year 2018

You secured part time employment for the summer holidays

You travelled to Poland and Portugal and you’re going to the Isle of Wight in the space of a year

You have achieved lots of positive things - camping trips and trips away to Alton Towers, trips to the physio and contact with your family

You had a haircut in a hairdressers, gained confidence with horses and had a meal in a restaurant

You moved in and settled so well with the other boys, making friends and building relationships with the staff

Taking part in gymnastic events and performing for 3 nights in succession and went up 2 groups in your swimming club

For being part of a drama group that put on a show in town, and producing your own music in a noise solutions group

For getting back into education after a long spell away and ENJOYING it!

For completing your year 11 exams and being part of a drama production that was shown in the town

For celebrating being part of the Break family for the first year, and having such a positive outlook through adversity

You have done exceptionally well at taking pride in your appearance and looking after yourself

You have been able to share some of your worries which then makes others able to help you

For doing so well at and being invested at cubs

For completing an A-Level in Maths in one year and studying hard for Further Maths at the same time as juggling a part-time job

For showing real moments of kindness this year - at school, with family and with friends

For your resilience and determination you’ve shown to achieve in life

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young care leavers supported by our Moving on Team

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