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Channel 4 Documentary - Kicked out kids

Three young people leaving care including Break's Connor

Filmed over six months, this observational documentary follows the progress of three brave, feisty and opinionated teenagers as they leave the care system behind and embark upon one of the most challenging journeys of their lives.

There are almost 70,000 children in the care system in England – more than ever before - and the numbers keep rising. Last year the government increased the age at which kids leave foster care from 18 to 21, but those in children’s homes are exempt and must still leave the system at 18. What happens to these young people when they have to leave a world they have become so reliant upon?

 With intimate access to these young care leavers’ lives, this candid and moving film provides an unprecedented look at a growing but often overlooked group of courageous young people as they try living independently for the first time.

In Lancashire, we follow 17-year-old Mixed Martial Arts fighter Demornia. With his twin brother in prison, he is only too aware of the negative stereotypes associated with care leavers. Between finding somewhere to live, struggling with independence and training for a big fight, he is eager to prove that despite troubled backgrounds, care leavers can succeed too.

In Yorkshire, we follow 18-year-old Jemma, who has been in and out of the care system since the age of 2. The chaos of her younger years has left her unable to settle, and she has already moved 18 times in her life. With the threat of living alone now looming, Jemma makes a last-minute decision to move in with a relative who she has only known for three weeks. Will this be the family home she has always been looking for?

In Norfolk we meet 17-year-old Connor, who is reluctantly preparing to say goodbye to the children’s home he has lived in for the last 6 years. Connor was just 5 when he was taken into care, and hasn’t seen his mum since. With his departure from the care system now imminent, he is keener than ever to track her down.

First shown Channel 4, 11.00 Tuesday 17 February - available to view at 4 on demand (4OD)

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