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Celebration of Break's Young People

Celebration of Break's young people at the Forum, Norwich

Celebration of Break’s Young People


23 young people who are looked after by Break attended a celebration of their achievements at The Forum in Norwich on Friday evening.


Each young person received an award – recognising achievements such as 100% school attendance, sporting prowess (football, rugby, swimming) and taking positive steps towards independence.


The awards were presented by Farooq Chaudhry. Mr Chaudhry is internationally known for his work as a dancer and now as a producer. Farooq inspired the young people by encouraging them to live their dreams and be courageous – reassuring them that they could achieve what they set their minds on. 


Cathy Kenney, Head of Service Delivery at Break charity said “I felt privileged to be a part of the evening and to see how resilient and brave the young people we look after are. Each day they work so hard to overcome their difficulties and achieve so much – these young people are some of the strongest people in our communities and have so much to offer. These awards are just a tiny acknowledgement of their everyday achievements”.

Celebration Evening

 Farooq Chaudhry and Cathy Kenney, Head of Service Delivery at Break

The event was the idea of the Hyland family who funded the awards. Linda Hyland was employed by Break before sadly passing away. Her family recognised the value of the work that Linda did in changing young lives and wanted to continue to support the young people looked after by Break.


The Beeston Group kindly paid for the venue and refreshments and for Farooq to attend.

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