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Break awarded intu Corporate Responsibility Prize

The Chairman of intu Properties plc, Patrick Burgess, was in Norwich today to personally deliver a very special gift.  Mr Burgess presented a cheque for £2,000 to the chief executive of Break, Chris Hoddy, to help the Norfolk charity in its work supporting young people moving on from care to independence. 


Intu Properties owns 18 of the UK’s leading shopping centres including intu Chapelfield.  Each year, teams from each shopping centre have the opportunity to enter the intu Chairman’s Corporate Responsibility Prize, celebrating the work that they do with local community organisations.  Centres must nominate organisations that they have developed productive partnerships with and explain how these partnerships benefit the wider community.


Intu Chapelfield has been working with Break since the beginning of 2013 and nominated the charity to receive a share of the £8,000 prize fund.  The shopping centre was closely involved with GoGoGorillas! in 2013 and its gorilla, Guy, became very popular with retailers and shoppers alike.   Intu Chapelfield even adapted its summer entertainment to tie in with the gorilla theme with ‘real life’ gorillas visiting the centre and lots of gorilla themed art and craft workshops.   The intu Chapelfield team was delighted to find out that the charity had won one of the two Chairman’s CR Prize runners up prizes.



“For all of us at intu Chapelfield, knowing that the money we help Break to raise goes to children, young people and families in Norfolk is hugely motivating,” explains Sheridan Smith, marketing manager at intu Chapelfield. “Break is now firmly established as one of our chosen charities and we are looking at a variety of ways that we can support their work including, of course, taking part in GoGoDragons! this year.”


Liz Richards is senior communications and marketing officer at Break.  “We’re so grateful to everyone at intu Chapelfield for the support they’ve given us over the past two years and particularly for nominating us for the intu Chairman’s CR Prize,” Liz says. “The £2,000 we’ve received from Mr Burgess today will be used to fund the recruitment and training of five mentors who will work with young people in care and moving on from care, young carers and young people with disabilities. These mentors can make a massive difference to the life of an individual or a whole family so the funding is extremely important.”


Patrick Burgess, Chairman of intu Properties plc said; “We are extremely proud of the work that our shopping centres do to support their local areas; getting closely involved with initiatives that make a real difference to people and communities.  The relationship that intu Chapelfield has with Break is clearly benefiting the charity and the people it supports as well as our shoppers, retailers and staff.  We’re delighted that the £2,000 prize will be used to train mentors who will be supporting a very vulnerable group of young people.”

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