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Break's Gender Pay Gap Data

As an employer with more than 250 employees Break is obliged to calculate and publish Gender Pay Gap figures and we are pleased to do so.

Our annual figures were calculated as of 5th April 2018 using the prescribed calculation methodology as provided through our Cascade HR and Payroll system.

Break female employees' hourly rate is:

Mean:    11.8% Lower

Median: 3.6% Lower

Hourly Pay Chart

The mean figure is marginally higher than the figure calculated in April 2017 and the median gap has not changed over the past year

While some organisations struggle to achieve proportional representation of female staff in the more senior higher paying roles this is essentially not the case at Break. The top quartile ratio of  72% females to 28% males is broadly in line with whole organisation’s female to male ratio. At Break the greatest gender imbalance is in the lower quartile pay band where just 8% of employees are male.

The lower pay band in Break relates almost exclusively to roles within the retail division where market pay rates are generally lower than in the other areas that Break works. Break always strives to maintain a differential between the lowest scale points and the National Living Wage rate this means that Break has recently applied higher increases to the retail scales that for the rest of the organisation which should over time reduce the Gender pay gap.

Upper Quartile

Males  28 %      Females 72 %

Upper Middle Quartile

Males  25 %     Females 75%

Lower Middle Quartile

Males 21%        Females 79%

Lower Quartile

Males 8%         Females 92%

Company Pay Quartiles

Bonus Pay

At Break the only bonuses paid are commission payments on shop sales.

Less than 45 employees received these payments.  

Who Received Bonus Pay

4.2%   Males     14.5% Females

Women’s Bonus Pay is

Mean:    42% Lower

Median: 53% Lower

Bonus Graphs


There are only 3 male employees that receive commission payments but they are managing one or more of the bigger and most successful shops. The commission payments are relatively small sums with men achieving median commission amounts of £1516 compared to the female median commission of £723.  A successful retail year in 2017/18 meant that median commission levels were slightly higher for both sexes than in the previous year. 


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